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About Us

Livin Loved is about making each of us aware of the fact that we all belong to a single community called the human race. It doesn’t matter what our creed, origin, skin color, believe system, or background is we are all part of it.


Our heart is to impact this community of ours with love that goes further than mere words. We are inspired by a man called Jesus whom noticed and loved those of us that are unseen, often unclean, and underrepresented. What others rejected he embraced and blessed as he showed us that communities thrive best when we think about each other and not just ourselves.


This is why the money we generate through our sales is invested in people that need more than us (click here for more info on this) reinvested back into the project, and whatever is left goes to those that are involved in keeping things going so we can do it all over again.


Your purchases and support are powerful beyond measure. They help us to impact the vulnerable and needy while at the same time spread and share the mission with others as you go about your daily life. Each collection communicates something silent that is designed to stir the heart and awaken curiosity. Many of our customers report how often they are asked about what they are wearing and where they got it. Making each conversation a potential turning point to expand the mission we are already establishing.


We believe that when we work together the possibilities are endless just like the grace, love, and change we hope you will allow us to share with you, as together we make a loving impact around the world.


The Livin Loved family