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An Open And Honest Letter That We Encourage You To Read

by Pablo Giacopelli |  | 2 comments

In the last few months one of our best selling collections, "Blessed Are The", has been received by many with much acclaim but unfortunately it has also been received negatively by others.

As we have observed this happen and have read and replied to many messages both in private and in public we have noticed something that has troubled us deeply. Is not so much what has been said but more why it is being said that has led us to raise the topic on our blog. So everyone knows what we are talking about is important to mention that when you look at the list on this popular design you are presented with 13 modern time labels. Now what you see when you read them is where we believe the problem begins.

Please allow us to explain.

We live in a world that normally values people according to the labels they carry on themselves. This separates us mainly into two categories which are made up by those of us that carry desirable labels and those of us that don't. When we see things in this way we are operating through the dualism of our minds where we think separating ourselves from others is actually possible. From this space of separation we then judge and over time become fixated on making sure that we and the ones we accept carry what we believe are the "right" labels.

Now we accept the negativity as we can of course choose to see life in this divisive way. But what if there is another way to see? A third way that is not found within the shallow extremes of labels but instead in the depths of truth. 

Well we believe there is such a way which if given the chance is able to transform the way we see life as a whole. Such is the power contained within this way of seeing that it will quite literally change your life.

Please allow us to share it with you.

First we would like to begin by pointing your attention to an event that happened many years ago known as the Sermon on the Mount. During this time the Kingdom of God was revealing itself in a physical form through someone called Jesus. This individual among the many things he did, one day climbed a small mount and had a conversation with several thousand people. He took this opportunity to introduce the manifesto of his Kingdom and the perspective it had.

During this conversation he turned the social tables upside down. He took those that carried the wrong labels and lifted them up. He said that they were not only noticed in the eyes of His kingdom but more importantly they were blessed. Interestingly to note during this same speech the ones with the desirable labels in society never got a mention. One can only wonder why that was.

We are also convinced that if this conversation was to take place today it is very likely that some or maybe all of the modern time labels mentioned on our collection would be included. This is because the inner condition of humanity despite its progress has not really changed but most importantly as the Bible tells us Jesus has not change his perspective either. His longing to stand with those that are oppressed, rejected, and abandoned remains. Much in the same way as what he was trying to help us understand all those years ago which was:

When people don't appear to have the "right" labels, they actually stand a better chance of seeing the truth about him and his Kingdom.

This is because labels blind us to the fact that no matter what label we carry we are all still the same - broken, suffering, in pain, and desperately looking for the same inner happiness and peace. Having the "right" labels outside does not take this reality away but in fact it often numbs and conceals it. Whereas having the "wrong" labels outside means that life's apparent lack of value keeps the pain visible and accessible. Meaning that we are more likely to embrace the healing and freedom that Jesus and His Kingdom extend to everyone of us.

This is why we believe he called them Blessed at the Mount all those years ago and he is still calling them Blessed today.

Finally, consider that at the time of Jesus there was a temple. In this temple their were six people groups that were not allowed inside and one that was. Jesus chose to spend his time with the six groups that were kept out. To them he extended compassion, respect, and dignity even though they were marginalized, disenfranchised, and victimized mainly by those that were allowed inside the temple - also known as the self appointed judges of the day. Interestingly enough it was also these same keepers of the temple, not the outcasts, that eventually engineered and pushed for Jesus to be murdered.

When we designed the "Blessed Are The" collection and came up with the idea we saw people and not the labels that are often used to describe them. We understood that behind every one of these "worthless" labels stands a precious, priceless, and beautiful child of God that is also meant to be celebrated. So as far as we are concerned this compelling evidence is enough for us to be inspired and led to invite others, to also consider being a voice for the ones that often go unheard.

Remember - we all come naked and "label free" into this world. If something else was required to be present in our lives so that we could receive love, attention, and dignity don't you think that God would have made sure that it was present the day we were conceived?

Pablo & The Livin Loved Family

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Comments (2)

  • Pablo on March 21, 2019

    @Barbara thank you for your encouragement and support. Both are very much appreciated!

  • Barbara A Bellinger on March 21, 2019

    Blessedly said!!! Keep printing!!! Love All!!!

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