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When We Can't Seem To Get It Right

by Pablo Giacopelli |

For years I heard that God was primarily interested in my character. In fact, I was told that this was really what he cared the most about in my life and everything he did, including hurting me, was all so that he could develop it. I heard this over and over yet I was never told why God was somehow so obsessed with me getting this part of my life right.

Recently I have begun to understand that when we finally begin to discover that we are loved regardless of what we do or don’t do, we enter into what is probably the most vulnerable space we can walkthrough. This truth can be handled and received in one of two ways. The first way it can be seen is like a license to kill and steal or it can be seen as a license to live in the thrill Jesus came to show us. Which one we choose will very much depend on where our character is. Now before you start to feel guilty and become obsessed with your character to get it right let me remind you that results and real lasting change in your life belong to God. There is absolutely nothing you can do to make a lasting change within you apart from seeking each and every day to discover how you are being loved that very day.

You see when we focus on developing the flaws in our character we actually give them further power over our lives as what we focus on in life we also empower over us. When we approach life this way the God we follow is also, according to us, obsessed with this part of us and so the motivation for our walk-in my experience is one of seeking to be loved through our performance.

On the other hand when we finally see how loved we are by our lover, this truth, if we let it, will open our eyes so we can be healed and see that being a person of character is nothing more than being fully awake and being able to see the truth that is responsible for setting us free from the trap of the first approach.

Remember living loved leads to awareness and understanding. Understanding leads to healing and lasting change. Lasting change leads us to enlightenment and the ability to see God, ourselves, and life as it truly is.



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