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When The Going Gets Tough The Surrendered Get Going

by Pablo Giacopelli |

We have heard it before when we see the first part of the headline of this blog that it is the tough that get going. Yet, as I turn on the TV these days it is actually those that are normally seen as tough that are not being seen nor heard in the same way that they normally are.

Things are being turned upside down and very quickly. What was strong is suddenly weak. What was tough is suddenly unseen.  What was certain is suddenly disappearing and what was true suddenly seems like a distant illusion. The world is being undressed before our very eyes. Its true condition is becoming exposed with every passing day. We, however, have a choice, like always, how we respond. We can either remain still or we can try and run away by hiding. The way we have chosen to live our lives will have a big say on which way we choose. In these times it is those that are truly surrendered, ie still and present, that not only thrive but are actually ushered through whereas those that try and run out will more than likely remain within the panic and fear that is gripping the World.

Jesus told us not to let our hearts be troubled. Will we be ushers of truth and peace or will we remain in the shadows of fear? The answer to this will very much depend on whether we have been spending our days gone by surrendered or pretending to be tough.

Remember - The Kingdom is always at its best when the tables of the Empire suddenly begin to be turned upside down.


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The “Blessed...” series is my favorite of all the Living Loved designs. I’ve bought this shirt 3 times and a poster — the shirts are soft and the design fades nicely after the first wash. Wonderful material.

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