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When Marriage Is A Mistake

by Pablo Giacopelli |  | 10 comments

After sharing last week on divorce I received several messages asking me what my view was on marriage. Even though I have several points of view on this topic I nevertheless felt led instead to share these few truths I have discovered as I continue to navigate the waters of marriage.

One of the reasons why I am choosing to do it this way is because I have heard people say in the past so many times “as soon as I get married I know all these things will change”...really?

Well, with this in mind I would like to invite all of us, and not just those of us that have not been married before, to consider the following truths that I believe have the potential to cause every present and future marriage to be the healthy and wonderful experience God had in mind when he designed it.

1- If you are feeling lonely marriage won’t change that as loneliness is not cured suddenly when you have someone next to you.

2- If you are feeling incomplete marriage will not change that either as wholeness comes from within our hearts and not from having someone else around us.

3- If you are feeling lost marriage will not change this either as real clarity is not found through the eyes and thoughts of someone else.

4- If you are wounded marriage won’t change this as healing is only found by experiencing the healing flow of the King and Kingdom that reside within your heart.

5- If you are married and can suddenly see that one or all of these reasons where behind your desire to marry panic not – Grace and love can restore and redeem all things. So now that you can see the truth ask the King to do His thing and in time watch your marriage begin to thrive the way that it was always meant to.

Entering into marriage with false pretenses means that you will very possibly not only make it worse for yourself, but also for the one you claim to want to love for the remainder of your days.

Remember – the only certain thing a ring around your finger will change will be your civil status.


Photo by Rony Hyslop

PS If you have found that this blog has hit home then please consider sharing it out with others as this will help all of us in our journeys...and if you have time then please also leave me a message. I will be checking and making sure I reply as I know it has come from your heart but most importantly it has come from you...

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