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What Is Normal?

by Pablo Giacopelli |

When our basic and deepest needs are not met as children we grow a type of anti body to them later on in life. Somehow as we grow up we develop a subconscious habit that leads us to work hard to avoid situations that are likely to benefit us in these arid areas within ourselves.

In time this approach leads us to become accustomed to function from a disabled heart that instead of being the source of our life it becomes a yoke around our necks as it desperately bleeds its life away within us.

I lived like this for many years and even recently God has once again been opening my eyes to be able to see these areas of emptiness within me which are surrounded by pools of loss and sadness. As I have remained present and listened to what the pain has been telling me my life has once again began to experience a new flavor that is somewhere between wild cherry and chocolate. Nothing has changed outside as much as something has been unlocked within me. Suddenly I feel there is more space and with this space has come a deeper and greater silence, that in spite of the circumstances I may be traveling through I am able to remain still, expectant, and quiet within.

Slowly the days that were filled with feelings of hopelessness and unbelief are draining away as I discover within these new spaces an unmerited acceptance and love which are able to involuntarily ignite hope and faith within me. Today for me one thing is very clear and that is that trying to have faith and remain hopeful in this life of ours, without first knowing that we are loved, is literally impossible as hope and faith were designed to remain idle without love. Perhaps the reason why the Apostle Paul said that out of the big 3, faith, hope, and love the greatest and the one to focus on was love.

As I close I would like to invite you to take some time to consider asking God to show you if in your life there are some needs that were not met in your childhood. I had lots of these and even though many have been healed I am nevertheless still seeing many more healed within my heart. Please understand that if we do find some of these broken spaces within us we have nothing to be ashamed of as these are part and parcel of what happens to us when we grow up in a broken world with broken people. The important thing is to engage these wounded areas as not doing so will continue to keep us as imprisoned children that are unable to grow up.

Remember - just because we think something is true about us or the way we think life is supposed to be it doesn't mean that it is so.


PS I feel so strongly about this that I have created a new collection called The Big 3 in order to reflect and share with others what is possible in our lives when we are suddenly aware that we are 100% unconditionally loved! Please take a moment to check out some of the new items below and as always if the blog has been helpful consider sharing it and/or leaving a comment. I promise I will reply.



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