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Treasure Hunting For What Is Really Important In Life

by Pablo Giacopelli |

When we stand in front of God we will be naked and our hands will be empty just like when we arrived in this world. Suddenly we will become aware of a treasure as it dawns on us that all we ever needed to have a full life had been always within us.

None of the things that we worked so hard to get and valued so much will be there to cover us. There and then it will become clear why God spoke so much about our hearts and why he encouraged us to take care of them. The false treasures we accumulated while living will be worthless. Suddenly we will realize that what was meant by “storing treasures in heaven” had to do more with taking care and unpacking the treasure that was within our hearts than giving our tithes and offerings.

If we are breathing today is not too late to start investing in discovering what is already within us.  Unlike much of popular opinion I don’t believe God will ask us first about our wives (if we were married or divorced) or our children if we had any. Nor our ministry or business and how successful it was if we had one. No, first I believe he will ask us as, Brennan Manning used to say, an unconditional question which will be “Did we believe that He loved us and that He was always with and for us”?

The answer we will give to this question will not depend on how well and how many laws we observed. Or how much we gave or did for others. It will not depend on how much we prayed or how many verses of the Bible we memorized. It will not depend on how many meetings we attended or how active we were at our local Church. The only way we will be able to genuinely answer this question will very much depend on how well and how much we engaged with our hearts while we lived on this planet called the Earth.

Therefore I encourage you to spend your time, resources, and energy wisely as the biggest and most valuable treasure you will ever have is already within you. And by the way, unlike our western thinking, our treasure in heaven is meant to be empty when we get there as this will show that everything that was contained within it was allowed to flow into our lives.

Remember – To him who has much more will be given!


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