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The Big D

by Pablo Giacopelli |  | 6 comments

God says he hates Divorce. Yet so few of us understand why. Like so many things in religion this is one of those topics that is unfortunately often used to make others feel like they have crossed a line that can never be redeemed. Condemnation is often rife around this situation so many of us find ourselves in and why not after all God hates it right?

Yes he does. However when the bible is communicated from a place of judgement instead of grace and love we make the situation worse instead of discovering why. You see I have experienced divorce in my own life and the fact is that it is not pretty. It hurts and it hurts those that we love and love us. It hurts our children, It hurts our families and above all it hurts our partners. Yet it happens and it happens often.

Today more than ever we need to understand that God hates it not because it breaks something up but instead because of the suffering it causes us. He is disturbed by the pain it puts us through. He hates the illusion of separation it seems to sell to us that we are somehow going to be better when we separate from the other, when in reality we will always be connected as our oneness goes far deeper than a change of civil status. Yet, above all else, he hates it because it makes us feel like he no longer loves us or is proud of us, thus often leading us into a journey of trying even harder to make up for what many have told us is just about as bad as grieving the spirit.

If presently you are like me know this. God adores you and always has. God is very proud of you like he has always been. God still sees you, as he always has, his beloved child even if you have been led to feel otherwise. He has cried and continues to cry with you. He feels your pain with you. Yet He has nothing but open arms towards you. This is why you need to know that your divorce never changed his mind about you or how he feels towards you…will yours?

Remember today and for the rest of your days. He hates divorce - Not the divorcees.



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