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Keep Going Is Going To Be OK

by Pablo Giacopelli |

Is a new day.

This one is for those of us that are presently traveling through a desert experience. I just wanted to let you know as you begin this day that you have been led here not to be prepared but to help you discover who you really are.

As you uncover your real Self you will at the same time also discover whom your God is. Not my God, not your parents God, not your friends God, nor the one that the community follows, but your God. The one that relates with you in a way that you understand. The one that shows up in your life everyday in the way that suits the lifestyle you lead. The one that blesses you in ways that he knows it is going to catch your attention and not the attention of others. The one that knows how to move with the unforced rhythms of grace through you, with you, and within you.

In this journey called life each of us has the tendency to become addicted to the temporary spotlight that this world offers. Over time we all ran into the trap of judging our lives according to how bright the spotlight (circumstances) is shinning. If its bright we feel good, we believe we are blessed, and worth something. Yet like all temporary things when the spotlight flickers away we suddenly start to feel lonely, abandoned, and in time worthless.

In the desert God, if we allow him to, points our attention away from the outside light into the never ending light of his Kingdom that is within our hearts. As he does this we are given a chance to detach from the conditional spotlight outside of us so we can finally see what Isaiah has been telling us for thousands of years. And that is that those that know God are meant to walk in darkness and not under a bright, external, and artificial light. Our light is meant to come from within us which is probably why we are also told that God is the lamp onto our feet and the light onto our path. Outer lights blind us from what is good and true about God and us whereas the inner light will help us to clearly see who God and us truly are.

Therefore this is not a time to complain and talk. It is a time to be present, observe, detach, listen, and allow what is not true about you and God to be shed!

Understand that unlike our faith our identity does not need to be tested - it needs to be revealed 


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