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Just Play!

by Pablo Giacopelli |

When we choose to live a life where controlling and watching everything we say and do is king the impact of our involvement is automatically limited as our heart and mind begin to fight between them for the supremacy of our beings.

Consider an archer. If he is free to shoot his arrows anywhere he wants he will have the whole of his talent (heart) available to him. He will have no future results in his mind and will therefore almost always hit whatever he desires. Now take the same archer and ask him to hit the apple above your head and you immediately put him in a space where the potential of being divided is available to him. If he does not understand the importance of remaining within his heart and just shooting, despite the pressure outside of him, half of him will focus on the apple and the other will focus on the consequences he will have to face in the future if he misses or if he makes it.

This approach will mean that he no longer has the whole of his talent (heart) available to him and will therefore more than likely miss. The only way this archer, and us, will have the whole of our talent (heart) available to us is if we remain present and live a life that is not judged by results, but instead one that enjoys the process moment by moment, and understands that the results ultimately belong to God.

Today we are living in a World where it is impossible to hedge our bets and predict what will or will not happen in the future. Covid-19, political unrest, and a restricted life to name a few continue to create an environment where the only certain thing around is the Kingdom of God within our hearts. This is why more than ever I firmly believe that God is encouraging all of us at this time to focus less on winning and losing are more on just playing out of the fullness of our hearts.

Those of us that choose the latter of these two will find that when we stop trying to win it is the moment we actually start winning.


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The “Blessed...” series is my favorite of all the Living Loved designs. I’ve bought this shirt 3 times and a poster — the shirts are soft and the design fades nicely after the first wash. Wonderful material.

Love it!

A cool way to show your support for the underdogs

Good vibes

Great T-shirt that feels really good onto the skin. Great quote that keeps me focused on Self-Love!

Love it!

The shirt has an awesome message and it's so stylish! Fits perfectly too.