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God Loves Roundabouts

by Pablo Giacopelli |  | 4 comments

We often hear people say that there are at crossroads in their lives. Like many of us I too have often found myself in what seems like a T junction where one can only go one way or the other but no longer ahead.

This way of describing a moment of decision has often added much unnecessary pressure as we assume that one way is right and the other well it will lead our lives to the wrong place. As I have faced these moments over and over and in fact find myself in one at this very moment I have come to realize as I spend time contemplating that in his way of doing life we don’t reach T junctions but instead roundabouts.

You see with roundabouts we also arrive at what would seem like a moment of choice however unlike the martial and unforgiving law that rules the T junction the roundabout is about grace and another chance. This is because with a roundabout we not only have the choice to continue going straight but we also have the choice to go around again and again if we miss the exit we were supposed to take the first time, or the second, or the third, or the fourth, etc, etc. The T junction works well when we subscribe to a journey that is led by the way of dualism and getting it right. Whereas as the roundabout reminds us that in life the truth is often found in between the black and the white and that to see this it is often necessary for us to go around several times.

Today if you feel like you missed your exit or your last chance relax as it is on its way back around if you keep going.


Photo by Regina

PS If you have found that this blog has spoken to you then please consider sharing it out with others as this will help all of us in our journeys...and if you have time then please also leave me a message. I will be checking and making sure I reply as I know it has come from your heart but most importantly it has come from you...


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