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God Is In Control?

by Pablo Giacopelli |  | 6 comments

Having written one of my books about control I naturally get lots of questions about it. One of the most misconceived patterns of thinking people talk about in this subject is found on the statement "God is in control".

Many of us see God as someone who loves to control everything including our lives. This kind of thinking encourages a fatalistic mind set to grow within us. When this happens we find ourselves often stuck in one place and our lives lose all their momentum. I don't know about you but for many years I lived this way waiting for God to bring the next thing yet it never arrived.

Lately I have been learning that this first approach is flawed. Ok there is a time to wait for God to do his part however this usually comes as we do ours. It is important to understand that though he has control of everything he doesn't wish to control everything. The Bible is full of evidence about this. We see in Proverbs that we are to make plans and he will then direct our steps. We are told by Jesus to follow him not wait for him. When we walk and move it says the spirit will say to the left or the right or even stay quiet when is correct to go straight.

What is important to note here is that none of these passages are valid until there is momentum in our lives. In other words we need to make plans so God has steps to direct and we can be an active part of the path. We need to get up and go if we are going to be able to follow and we are going to need to be walking if we have any chance of being able to make and move towards the left or the right. We are responsible for creating momentum in our lives as this is what surely was meant behind the statement that faith without works, not toil, leads to nothing. We need to understand that we have been invited to co-author our path and way and that God is a willing partner that is waiting to advice, coach, mentor, and help us when we finally decide to take the first step within our hearts.

He has done his part first by giving us desires, gifts, abilities, geographical positioning, and resources to work with. Now is our turn as we walk and work with Him to decide, plan, and start moving in a direction that is related to the desires we have been given in our hearts. Yes we will make mistakes and yes we will get it wrong along the way as this is how we learn if we remain present and not obsessed with getting the right results which are His responsibility anyways. The important thing to remember is that while we are doing all of this we will be creating momentum in our lives as we co-create a magical adventure with the one that always moves with elegance, grace, and inspiration. So get your pen out and start planning and drawing as the best architect in the universe is within you waiting and willing to either restart or finally get your journey on the road.

As you enter into a new space remember this - When we obsess about the need for God to be in full control it is often really us trying to be in control by pretending to release the wheel of our lives to a God we have created and we falsely believe can be manipulated.


Photo by Jessica Wilson

PS If you have found that this blog has spoken to you then please consider sharing it out with others as this will help all of us in our journeys...and if you have time then please also leave me a message. I will be checking and making sure I reply as I know it has come from your heart but most importantly it has come from you...

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Comments (6)

  • Pablo on February 19, 2019

    @Steve Steve thank you for taking the time to share this with us. I am very excited to see where it will go from here for you as much changes when a man finally realizes that he is being invited and has been all along to co create his journey with God. I know mt life began to see much less action and much more momentum the day I began to share with God my wants and desires. It is interesting that God and Jesus always asked people what did they want and not what did they need? I have come to understand over time that the reason they ask for our wants and not our needs is because God promises to take care of our needs unless we get on his way by trying to make our lives about meeting them ourselves. Much grace my friend! Pablo

  • Steve Sheffer on February 19, 2019

    Pablo, just finished reading God Is In Control and it was very inspirational to me this morning. I’ve been on a journey of recovery for the past six years and it’s been an awesome path as I am learning so much about God (as I misunderstand Him…..LOL!). Addiction has led me to recovery and recovery has led me back to God. This is the most spiritual journey I have ever taken, free from the “forced teaching, rhetoric, rules, and church dogma”. A friend and I have been walking besides each other on this journey (can’t do it alone) and have been recently discussing “my control vs. God’s plan”. I’ve personally realized that the tentacles of my delusion of control reach into every fracture of my life; the bondage of control was as powerful as my addiction. I’ve learned that I need to be walking forward in order for God to show me the right path, but your writing has brought additional clarification as to what is God’s plan; of special importance: recognizing the God-given desires of my heart (the road-map for my life); that I am a co-author of my journey (that’s so powerful). Thank you for speaking into my heart this morning.

  • Pablo on February 15, 2019

    @Greg thank you again for sharing with all of us and doing it so vulnerably. Interesting you use the walking in water example. Not long ago I found myself in that same lake floating within a boat. While we sailed I realized that When Jesus invited Peter out of the boat he was actually inviting him to experience a different dimension to the one we naturally move in. I also realized that this dimension is very much present in our world though we need eyes and ears to enter it. Apparently only Peter had these working that night during the storm. One thing was clear to me that day and that was that it is with the heart that we are only able to enter and remain within that reality that we are invited into. The minute we try and remain within it through our dualistic minds is the minute that we begin to sink like Peter did. Is good to know that though this sinking happens to all of us Jesus is willing and able from keeping us from drowning. I guess this is yet another example as to why Gods main interest in our lives I believe is the condition of our hearts as that is where it all begins. Much grace to you my friend!

  • Greg Bell on February 14, 2019

    I don’t want to just hear His word but do it. This isn’t smoke blown up anyone’s butt. This Christ in me. A desire, not for a pat on the head, but to live this life we’ve been given. Peg Stegall said it best in her comment for I too have heard the same thing. He would teach me how to war with my hands. That’s a promise that is made to me as well… leaning into trust, not just a one time thing but forever. Comfort even in pain, when I don’t see clearly. Resting and casting my cares on Him. Rooted in Him, not tossed to and fro. I have known this… Sooo much. Asking to "walk on the waters with Him and not failing Him miserably, but to respond "Lord save me when I sink’ My help in present trouble. Saying "confidently as He did, “fear not little flock, for I am always with you.” To offer a solid foundation, not platitudes. Thank you Pablo, the “insight” is much needed.

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