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Encouragement If You Are Walking Through The Space Of Transition

by Pablo Giacopelli |

When Christopher Columbus left Spain for The Americas he began a transition from one continent to another though of course, he didn’t know that at the time. This transition took many months to materialize. Many were the days that he and his crew spent at sea wondering if they would indeed find land and get anywhere.

The thoughts of “have we made a mistake” or “did we take the right way” or “should we run back and just fail” must have been rampant and constantly present within their morale and minds. Yet as we all know because he persevered and trusted his heart he eventually made it to the other side of this transition and because of that you and I are talking today.

I wonder if you too find yourself in the middle of a transition. Perhaps you left behind a secure job or career to pursue something that kept niggling at your heart. Or maybe you heard God speak to you and you followed and now you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with nothing much to do except wait and trust that eventually the scenery of your daily life will change.

Be encouraged that he whom has begun a good work within you will not leave you in the middle of the ocean of your transition. Soon real soon your San Salvador will also come into view. As you approach that new place that your heart helped you to see before your eyes ever could, in no time you will be on your way back to show others what happens when we dare to listen and follow the God that is within our hearts.

Keep running, walking, or if you must crawling but whatever you do choose to keep moving as you are nearly there!



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The “Blessed...” series is my favorite of all the Living Loved designs. I’ve bought this shirt 3 times and a poster — the shirts are soft and the design fades nicely after the first wash. Wonderful material.

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Great T-shirt that feels really good onto the skin. Great quote that keeps me focused on Self-Love!

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