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Divine Nobodies

by Pablo Giacopelli |

Have you ever wondered why the Father said over Jesus "This is my son in whom I am well pleased”? As I consider these affirming words I also realize interestingly enough that up until then Jesus the man had not done anything whatsoever of significance according to the standards of the world. His life had been lived in complete obscurity serving alongside Joseph in the family's "handyman" business. No special awards had been awarded to Him. No position of significance had been attained and no resume could have been submitted. His was just a normal life of daily routine like the rest of us, yet God was still very well pleased with him.

It occurred to me the other day that this life giving endorsement had absolutely nothing to do with anything Jesus had done or not done in his first 30 years on earth. These words were clearly pointing to something deeper within Jesus the man which could not be seen with the naked eye, and probably the reason why so many missed who he really was, yet it was very much present in his life.

With this in mind please consider with me that perhaps the reason why so many of us keep trying so hard is because we have never taken the time to understand that God is saying exactly the same thing over us too, and like with Jesus, it has nothing to do with how brilliant and able we are or have managed to become but instead it is based in our being in Christ. If this was not so then how could a severely handicapped person for example be secured that God loves them? Or what about a blind and mute person who is unable to communicate with others? Or the refugee that is unable to do anything because he doesn't speak the language of their new home? I thank God today that He loves all of us the same and that belonging to His family is not something we have to work ourselves into through hard work - No exceptions. No conditions attached.

Remember - In the Kingdom affirmation is received not earned.


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The “Blessed...” series is my favorite of all the Living Loved designs. I’ve bought this shirt 3 times and a poster — the shirts are soft and the design fades nicely after the first wash. Wonderful material.

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Good vibes

Great T-shirt that feels really good onto the skin. Great quote that keeps me focused on Self-Love!

Love it!

The shirt has an awesome message and it's so stylish! Fits perfectly too.