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Closer Than You Think

by Pablo Giacopelli |

One of the biggest things that fuels many of our journeys is the need to be popular. I know this only too well as for most of my life I struggled with this unmet need. Don’t get me wrong, the world I worked in for so many years gave me many opportunities to feel this yet the more opportunities came the more I yearned for it.

I guess it’s easy to think that this only happens to those that are publicly visible or at the front on Sundays and though there is great truth in this the reality is that this phenomenon applies to all of us. Many years ago we bought into an illusion by biting into an apple. This illusion was that we had been somehow short changed by God. This invited another illusion into the game of life called separation. Here we believed that the minute we were asked to leave the garden God somehow would also leave our sides and would begin to watch from a distance.

When we seek to be popular and approved by others we are still serving and living under this illusion. Under the tree of good and evil the eyes of our ego were opened to the lie that we were bad and naked. To the illusion that there is something wrong with us and that we need fixing. When we remain focused through these eyes we see the approval of others as a sound way to feel good and complete. The problem is that this completeness is shallow and built on sand. So when life turns we need another fix and this one then leads to another and another and so it goes.

Popularity contests like the one described above are not truth contests. They are merely us operating and feeding our soul out of our ego instead of feeding our soul from that place within us called our heart and spirit. God has called us to a walk of being true and not popular. This only becomes possible when the need for popularity outside of us is taken over by an inner awareness, that helps us to understand that we are already loved and approved in a way that the popularity outside of us never could.

We need to understand that approaching this walk any other way will mean the way seeming very narrow and few finding it. Please be aware that the way IS NOT actually narrow. What makes it feel that way is us attempting to enter it with the many bags we carry much the same way it feels when we access an airplane with a lot of hang luggage. Yes the aisle is narrow but if we are honest it is big enough for the purpose that it has. What suddenly makes it feel as not being big enough is the lack of balance that is caused by the things we are carrying.

Therefore we have a choice to make.

We can either travel light by trusting that God and the Kingdom are sufficient and can supply everything we need. Or we can continue to trust the many tools we carry and use to fulfill the demands that the rules put upon us.



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