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Best Is Better

by Pablo Giacopelli |  | 5 comments

Have you ever caught yourself looking at someone else and thinking that if you could have their life then you would be happy and at peace?

I know I have done it and done it many times in the course of my life. Time and time again I became fascinated with the circumstances a person lived in and the things they had in their life. Whether it was the partner they had managed to find. The career they had or perhaps where they lived and how they lived their daily life. Every time I felt that they were having the time of their lives and were inevitably enjoying a life that clearly way better than mine.

Today, I am happy to disclose that I have come some way from that man that felt that anything was better than what he had been dealt. As I have looked back I have come to realize that the reason I was living this way was that I seemed to think that I knew what was not only better for me but as a whole. I sincerely believed, as deranged as it is, that I had figured out exactly what would be the ideal situation for me and my life. I had every detail worked out even though this, of course, changed every time I became aware of another way that life could be.

I wonder if this is something that you have also felt at times?

Well if it is then let me share a few pearls of wisdom which I believe may help you go a long way towards understanding why often God, does not seem to cooperate with us in this kind of quest to change our lives in order to match someone else’s.

Consider with me that when we think something is better on the other side of the fence we fail to realize that what we are actually saying is that God made a mistake with us. He somehow short-changed us in his selection of life for us. Consider also that when we believe we know what is better what we are actually saying is that God doesn’t know what is best for our lives. Somehow he doesn’t get us and what we need and so he has a different plan that will never be as best as the better one we think we need to see materialize in our lives.

Allow me to suggest to you the possibility that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and that this place you often hate so much is actually the best place for you at this time. Yes, you heard me right. It is the best place for you like the place your neighbor is in is the best place for them. Consider with me the possibility that if we have a conflict in this area it may be so because we probably don’t understand who we really are much less who God is. Consider that perhaps what needs to change is us and not what is happening to us. This is because no circumstance can make us happy no matter how amazing it is as there is no circumstance that can set us free from our false selves. Only the discovery of our true selves through Christ is able to do that - and this is more likely to happen right here right now and not somewhere else and later. Plain and simply if it doesn't happen where you are at it won't happen where you may or may not be later.

Please understand that there is nothing wrong with wanting to change our circumstances, especially if they are inflicting trauma on us, as long as we are not doing it to match the lifestyle of those around us. Or because we think that in our current ones we won’t be able to experience the happiness and peace that we will in the ones we hope to come into. I have discovered that the more I focus on the inner changes in my life the circumstances often fade away to allow new ones to fade in. Remember the way you see your circumstances is often a direct reflection of what is constantly going on inside you.

Therefore, consider taking some time to ask God why you are where you are and feel the way you often do. Ask him to show you what he wants you to understand and see. Unlike us, God does not make mistakes and neither does he get confused and lose his way as we can do. Often what seems to us as the last chapter in our lives is merely a chapter along the way. How long that chapter is, often depends on us and what we focus on. We need to trust that he knows us inside out, unlike we do, and understands what is the best way to help us tap into the massive potential he has given each one of us. I guess this is probably why he is called the potter and we the clay.

So next time you think you know better, relax and remind yourself that God always knows what is best!


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Comments (5)

  • Pablo on May 17, 2020

    @Greg – I admire your genuine walk with God my friend. I love the way that you remind real and have no problem telling the world that it is a great journey even though there aren’t roses and ferries in every corner waiting for you. Keep walking and sharing your heart as it is very encouraging for many of us to experience it.

  • Pablo on May 17, 2020

    @Trea – Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. I encourage you to continue to pursue the journey of discovering your own God and not the one others have told you about. This was all along meant to be an experience and not a religion full of duties and doing. This is what the Kingdom is about and has always been before religion hijacked it and began using it for its own purposes…

  • Trea on May 17, 2020

    “Consider with me the possibility that if we have a conflict in this area it may be so because we probably don’t understand who we really are much less who God is” So powerful! This is exactly what I’m starting to discover — I have a lot to learn about who God really is (not what I’ve been told or assumed about Him through past experiences). Thank you for this.

  • Greg Bell on May 17, 2020

    Grateful for this as it continues to encourage how He is loving me and seeing things from a different view. I am only now really realizing the Christ within. It is something I can’t take any credit for. Everything roses and perfect, NO, I’m being blessed by being comforted in a place of rest but learning to trust. The love He shows me is something I cannot contain but share. Love is Him. ❤️

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