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Are We Fixing Or Creating Something New In Our Lives?

by Pablo Giacopelli |

When we live a life that draws its energy and validation from the quality of our ongoing performance it is very likely that we will spend most, if not all of our time, fixing problems instead of creating something original and new.

A great example that shows the difference between these two approaches is what Apple did with the Mac. When the time came to create a Mac they didn’t set out to improve or make a product that would somehow fix or get rid of the problems that the existing PC laptops in the market had. Instead, they sat down and aimed to create something that would give us an experience that no other PC laptop user ever had.

You see when we take the approach of fixing problems we will spend all of our lives fixing and never actually see anything of lasting substance created from all our efforts. As we fix one problem a new one will present itself to make sure this ongoing vicious circle remains present for the rest of our days.

On the other hand, when we choose to create something new we will begin to see problems not as another chance to fix it, but instead as an opportunity to learn something new and deeper about life and ourselves. As we choose to do this through each discovery we will be shown the next piece that will bring the picture we were meant to create through our lives a step closer to reality.

When we seek to create something we are living out of our “God-likeness” as God is not a problem fixer as much as he is a creator. We need to consider that those of us that find ourselves constantly fixing things are quite possibly because we are still trying to patch up our old lives which we have not been able to let go.

Understand – A real and fulfilling life is not made up of a set of results that stem from successful fixes. Instead, it is created one step at a time by making the most of the opportunities and discoveries we are presented with each day.



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