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And You Thought I Had It All Together

by Pablo Giacopelli |


Many ask and I am sure even many more wonder what I mean when I say that I long to be raw, real, and uncensored to God and the rest of us.

Well before I tackle this let me tell you that the reason I have decided to share this is because I have noticed that there seems to still be this notion and false belief that somehow those of us that write and share our discoveries through books have it altogether and have somehow reached some sort of utopia that only the few and privilege can.

Please let me begin by telling you that as far as I am concerned this is not true at all and in fact it is because it is quite the opposite that I am able to share and appreciate what others maybe also struggle with. You see the fact is that I have struggled, and still do at times, with such deep darkness in my life that it has enabled me to better glance and appreciate how freeing God’s light is when I see it. The deep wars with insecurity and doubt that I often face are the reason that helps me to tell you with some license how comforting and still this place within you truly is when you allow Jesus to reconnect you to it as he shows you the way back to where it all started (His Kingdom). Or maybe it is the dryness and solace that my futile attempts to get it right have delivered into my life, why my eyes have been opened to be able to grasp, if even for a moment, how freeing and awesome his unconditional love and grace truly are. Or maybe it is the gallons that I have drunk from the cup of lust, that robbed me of the very intimacy they promised at first, why I can savor and experience and tell you that what God extends to all of us is an ever filling and fulfilling intimacy like no other.

And so you see it would not be real if I tried to hide it behind the mask of my brilliant and illusional performance. It would not be raw if I attempted to cook it in the simmering oil of my false pretenses. And it would most certainly not be uncensored if I tried to censored it behind the false facade of my own salvation plan and self-righteousness.

Today make no mistake. The only reason our true self is complete, perfect, and at peace is because God is part of it and not because we are somehow self sufficient and amazing on our own right. And the only way we will have any chance of experiencing it is by embracing the whole of ourselves which includes all those parts of us that are not pretty, are dirty, broken, shameful, and down right sinful a.k.a. our false self.

Any other way or anything else are lies told by a flawed system called religion.



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